22 March, 2018 //


“And ….. THEY’RE OFF!”

“Candidates 109236 and 109222 taking the lead in this race, as one look at the paper means their predictions for question have come true! A look of panic on 109301 who is already finding this paper difficult. Better kiss goodbye to the points she was hoping for. Anxiety has well and truly filled the exam hall with much at stake for the next hour..”

Inspired by workshops conducted with second-level students currently completing the Leaving Certificate course, Freshly Ground creates a playful, immersive theatre experience that explores the state of the examination system in Ireland.

Wednesday 20th 8:15pm
Thursday 21st 8:15pm
Friday 22nd 6pm
Friday 22nd 8:15pm
Saturday 23rd 6pm
Saturday 23rd 8:15pm

Presented by Freshly Ground Theatre Company

Age suitability 12+
Duration 60 mins