2 June, 2021 //


Everyone came to this land from elsewhere, and they settled here and created the world we live in today. Candlelit Tales want to make a new world, where you tell us what’s in it, what’s important, and how it all fits together.  The Civic’s Early Years programme ‘Ready, Steady, SHOW!’ invited Candlelit Tales to a mentorship project with Mufti Games in Bristol to create and explore game-based storytelling for younger audiences in Tallaght and beyond, designed to work with any level of Covid lockdown.


This is a live-action, world-building, role-playing, collaborative storytelling game where the players build the world that they want to. Unlike most stories, the pages in this book are empty, the story still to be written.
Your tribe will arrive in a new place, and you will create the world of the game. You will choose your side, your role, and your leader. Two tribes will share the same space: those who love to run wild, and those who love to build order. You will all face choices and challenges, dilemmas and decisions, and each step you take will shape your tribe’s future.  The players in this game are yet to be fixed, the roles are yet to be cast, the map is not yet drawn, and the possibilities are endless. So step into this tale with us, and we will find out where this mythic tale will lead us to, together.

‘Cruthú’ is the irish for creation, and we want to stimulate creativity in our audience. We want to help stimulate the creativity in the youth of today to help us solve some of the global crises the world is facing. We will all need to be as creative as possible to figure out better ways to co-exist peacefully on this planet. ‘Cruthú’ is a game that we hope will plant a seed in the minds of players: that they are in charge of their own destiny, and we will all need cooperation and collaboration to face the crises of our world, those current and those still to come.


Zoom Workshops will take place w/c 7th June
Live Interactive gameplay will take place w/c 14th June
With Thanks to our Creative Consultant Schools: 
5th Class Scoil Aoife in Citywest
5th Class St. Mary’s N.S. Greenhills Rd.


Presented by Candlelit Tales 
“”The public is captivated (…) each twist and turn of their tales is met with laughs, sighs, and applause” Irish Times Review

Presented as part of Ready, Steady, SHOW! – The Civic’s ongoing programme of work for children and young people, across both LIVE and DIGITAL platforms which will lay the groundwork for a deeper exploration into our understanding of what our audiences needs are and, how we best support access to the arts as we emerge from the current crisis. The key focus for RSS! is, PLAY & STORYTELLING. These two cornerstones of excellence are our anchor in all areas of output and a focus for our artist development initiatives.





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