1 November, 2019 //

Blackwater Babble

Blackwater Babble by Ronan FitzGibbon stars Gary Murphy alongside the Irish Times Award nominee John McCarthy. Were you ever at a singsong? Did it go late? Were the doors locked? Did you sing? Blackwater Babble is the story of a man who has spent years trying to work out what makes a good session. Every maudlin ballad that killed the night and every table-thumper that saved it! This sell-out show invites its audience to head down the river with our scribbler and his younger self while they pick through the songs, fights, memories and obsessions that shaped his life. It is an exploration of regret and memory, masculinity and purpose, set against the changing face of the Irish pub.

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Presented by BrokenCrow Theatre Company
Duration: 70 minutes
Age Suitability 16+