14 December, 2018 //


Ant Street is a lively and enthralling drama that captures the audience imagination from start to finish. This International production is brought to The Civic by the Oliver Micevski’s theater company based in Denmark.

What happens when all your wishes come true?

A snowstorm in a heatwave. A mysterious package delivered forty-two years late. A young man who speaks the poetry of the Gods. And a girl who can fly. Something strange is happening in Havana.

This unique production written by Roland Schimmelpfennig imagines a family gripped by a miracle and a neighbourhood unsure of its future, seduced by dreams of the past.

Presented in English as part of the 70 years jubilee of network international Theater Institute/UNESCO, Macedonian CenterITI (1948-2018)

Presented by Oliver Micevski’s Theatre Company
Duration: 90 minutes. No interval