7 August, 2015 //


Poor Widow Lola Twankey is having a bad day in her laundry. That useless son of hers is off messing with that other brat Aladdin and there is a ton of washing to be done. Aladdin has seen the beautiful Princess Jasmin and says he is going to marry her (even though he hasn’t a penny!). And Jafar, the scheming villain, has found out about a certain magic lamp and will stop at nothing to get his hands on it – but mysteriously the only person who can find it is a certain lad in town. Smile. It’s the Causeway

Productions annual panto. Oh yes it is!



Sun 20th 2.30pm – SOLD OUT

Mon 21st 7.30pm – SOLD OUT

Tues 22nd 7.30pm – SOLD OUT

Wed 23rd 7.30pm – SOLD OUT

Thurs 24th – Sat 26th – NO SHOWS

Sun 27th 2.30pm SOLD OUT

Sun 27th 6.30pm SOLD OUT

Mon 28th 7.30pm SOLD OUT

Tues 29th 7.30pm – SOLD OUT

Wed 30th 7.30pm – SOLD OUT

Thurs 31st –NO SHOW


Fri 1st 6.30pm – SOLD OUT

Sat 2nd 2.30pm SOLD OUT

Sat 2nd 6.30pm SOLD OUT

Sun 3rd 2.30pm – SOLD OUT

Sun 3rd 6.30pm SOLD OUT