19 January, 2022 //

A Musical Tapestry

Presented as Part of Mother Tongues Festival 2022
You are invited on a musical journey across the European continent, showing that music knows no borders. This group is a combination of both culturally & linguistically mixed musicians, performing songs from the traditions of Eastern and Western Mediterranean. This includes the Iberian Peninsula and the Judeo-Spanish song tradition of the Balkan Peninsula and Turkey, as well as from Central Europe, specifically Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia. Past songs include a multitude of languages, such as Spanish, Judeo-Spanish (Ladino), Asturiano, Galego, Catalan, Czech (Moravian dialects), Slovak, English and Irish.

These styles are further combined and enriched by elements and influences from Irish traditional music, ultimately woven into a colourful musical tapestry, where the cultural and artistic backgrounds of each member are represented.

Presented by Mother Tongues Festival
Suitable For Ages 6+

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