8 September, 2014 //

A Mother’s Love

“The past will decide her future.” 

Marie has grown up with Rita having always been her mother, until she learns of some past truths that will set her life on a path of poor decisions, regrets and murder. Ultimately Marie will learn the lengths a mother will go to out of love and affection for her children in this brand new play spanning 1970s to 1990s inner city Dublin and encapsulating the early to mid-life of Marie Thornton.

No Tears Productions are back in Civic Theatre, Tallaght with the premiere of their newest production A Mother’s Love, a follow up to the critically acclaimed Marie Thornton Trilogy A Nice Bed To Die In and Queens of Pimlico.


Presented by No Tears Productions
Written by Derek Masterson
Directed by Breid Morris and Derek Masterson
Starring Breid Morris, Amy Kelly and Ericka Roe