Last up in our meet the team of TRYST we sit down with actor Katie McCann.

Can you tell us a bit about your background in the arts?
I studied English and Drama in UCD before attending the Gaiety School of Acting for two years.

How long has this production been in development, can you tell us about your involvement?
Now I work as an actor, writer and also as a theatre producer. I became involved with TRYST when it was a part of the Scene and Heard Festival in Smock Alley in 2016. The show then went on to be a part of the Dublin Fringe Festival later that year where I was performing in the show and I also produced it.

Why is TRYST relevant today?
There are a lot of topics that are touched upon in the play that feel very relevant to my generation. This idea that we have a set plan for how to live our lives like our parents (marriage, buy a house, have kids) that has been drilled into us from a young age but is no longer relevant. I think a lot of millennials like myself can identify with all the characters in the play and their struggles.

What has been the most challenging or exciting aspect of this show for you?
The script is a pure joy to perform but it is challenging. There are very dark movements in the play that ask a lot of you as an actor but all of the difficulties are worth it to preform such a brilliant piece of new writing.

May 15-19