TRYST comes to The Civic May 15-19, so we sat down for a quick chat with co-writer and actor Finbarr Doyle about the play. This is a stunning piece of work which we would advise any drama and theatre enthusiasts to go and see.

Have a read below and enjoy!

Can you tell us a bit about your background in the arts?
I always wanted to be an actor, but really got the bug in UCD Dramsoc (along with Katie McCann who plays Steph) and since then I have been acting and, more recently, writing with my own company Sickle Moon Productions as well as freelance work around Dublin.

How long has this production been in development, can you tell us about your involvement?
I am a co-writer with director Jeda de Brí, and I also play the part of Matt. We first started writing TRYST in late 2015. It had a Work-in-Progress reading at Smock Allies’ Scene+Heard February 2016 before debuting in full for the Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016.

Why is TRYST relevant today?
For many reasons, I would hope – because it focuses on a generation feeling lost, without the traditional progress markers of children, purchasing a house etc – the prolonged adoloscence that has set in and how real responsibilities upset the apple cart and force you to look at your problems and the way you’re living your life. There are also some issues touched on in the sidelines of the play – the ramifications of the 8th amendment, and the ultimate cost of a casual drinking and sexual culture that is liberal and free-wheeling but eventually may be outgrown.

What has been the most challenging or exciting aspect of this show for you?
Writing dialogue that is as true-to-life as possible, and maintaining empathy for three characters that, for whatever reason, make decisions that can be attacked in retrospect as incredibly selfish.

Who should see TRYST?
Everyone – it’s a tense, funny and ultimately affecting play about people experiencing the worst hour of their lives, and about how they try to save each other and ultimately, themselves.

What’s next for you?
Jeda and myself are honoured to be taking part in Fishamble’s A Play For Ireland initiative – we will be developing our next full-length play OLD HABITS in association with Draíocht Blanchardstown over the next 10 months and beyond.

May 15-19