Tiny- A New Musical will be staged at The Civic on Weds 21 and Thurs 22 Jun. This work-in-progress delightful show features lyrics by Shauna Carrick. We had a chat with Shauna in advance of the show.

Can you tell us a bit about you? Where did you grow up?
I am a Dublin girl, born and bred. I live in Stillorgan and have done since I was three. I took a brief trip to live in London for a while but I have come home again to settle about 6 minutes away from my family home so I didn’t make it very far!

Tell us about your interest in the arts, what’s your background?
I’ve always loved the theatre and performing, my parents told me they had to pull me offstage at a caravan park talent competition at age three, and honestly I don’t think I’ve stopped since. About seven years ago I switched from performing to writing and now I flip back and forth between the two. Rehearsal rooms are my happy place, no matter which side of the table I’m on.

Have you been involved in any productions in The Civic before?
I did musically direct a summer show for the Causeway drama school but this is my first professional Civic appearance and I can’t wait!

What can Tallaght audiences expect from this new work-in-progress musical?
I think it’s so exciting to get to see a musical at the start of its journey. Too often in Ireland we only see big touring UK productions, but it’s so important to see the stages it takes to get there and to get to be a part of that journey. Most musicals spend years in development so we are so excited to get an audience response and feedback so that we can take it back to the writers room and continue developing Tiny into a full show. Plus, there are some very catchy tunes, Sean’s music is so clever, any musical fan will love it.

Tell us a random fact about yourself?
I once spent a summer working in Disneyworld – and yes, “It’s A Small World” does get stuck in your head when you hear it ten hours a day!

What’s next for you?
I’m so lucky to be working on a number of new musicals, some collaborations and some of my own “babies”. We’ll definitely be developing Tiny further, and I’ll have another new show premiering in Dublin in September – so watch this space!

Tiny – Thumbelina Retold
Weds 21 & Thurs 22 Jun