Artistic Director of The Civic Michael Barker-Caven in conversation with and Chris McHallem (writer and actor) and Michael James Ford (Director) of Strutting and Fretting which plays at The Civic 12 – 16 Feb.

Strutting and Fretting is an hilarious and thought-provoking new comedy from the wicked pen of Chris McHallem, who has written extensively for stage, TV, film and radio. He is also well known as an actor and has worked with the RSC, The Royal National Theatre, The Gate and The Abbey as well as numerous film and TV appearances including a popular stint on the BBC’s Eastenders.

Background to The Play:
On the last night of a spectacularly unsuccessful tour of Macbeth, the lead actor sits in his dressing room trying to work out where it all went wrong….

What’s it like to play Macbeth ?
Not to read it, or to watch it, but to stand onstage speaking those famous lines.
What’s it like to look into the eyes of your fellow actors and realise that they are more interested in their film careers than in the scene that they are supposed to be performing ?
What’s it like to look out from the stage onto an ocean of empty seats or to see a row of spectators desperately checking their watches ?

The unconventional and provocative ‘Strutting and Fretting’ will answer all of these questions and still have time to ask…
Why is Lady Macbeth like Michael Caine ?
Why did Taylor Swift give up on country music ?
And Who is the worst actor in the world ?

Chris McHallem’s acclaimed show, ‘Strutting and Fretting’ promises  guaranteed laughter.


‘Strutting and Fretting an Actor Despairs’
12 – 16 Feb at the Civic