Recently,  15 young playwrights from Schools across South Dublin County  took up residency in The Civic for Tenderfoot’s Summer Intensive.  This is an exciting new development for Tenderfoot, The Civic’s apprentice theatre programme for transition year students.   We got to know the students involved a little more.  First up it’s Sumeet Deshmukh from Holy Family Secondary School.

How did you get involved with Tenderfoot?
I got involved with Tenderfoot through my school like most people. I applied for the general program and also the Tenderfoot 2019 Writers Programme. It was great!

What was it about Tenderfoot that interested you?
Would it be cheeky to say to get out of school? I’m joking of course. I guess I just wanted to know what it was like to pursue a career in the Arts. And to do some creative writing that wasn’t driven by getting points on an exam.

Were you interested in writing before Tenderfoot and if so what sort of things did you write ?
I have tried my hand in a few things like poetry and short story writing. It was fun, then again so is playwriting.

Were you interested in theatre before Tenderfoot?
Not really, I was never one for Panto or the west end. I just saw an opportunity and took it.

What’s good about theatre?
Theatre is a great way of expressing yourself in a medium where you are surrounded by like- minded people. You teach things, learn things and you enjoy yourself.

What’s unique about theatre?
There is a certain thrill about writing something and then seeing it being performed. There is even more of a thrill if you are on stage acting and you can see audience reaction live.

Tell us about the play or plays that you have written?
At this point I have written three:
Reaching Satori: a play about a student finding out that mental issues affect people he loves….
The Scissorskull Theory: a poetic comedy about the main character trying to finding the meaning of life.
Root of the Trouble: A principal has to solve the mystery about a school brawl but all of the witnesses have a different story.

Do you think you will continue to write after the summer intensive?
I will definitely try that’s for sure. No promises.

What’s your favourite colour?
I would say some amazingly vivid colour but there’s something to be said about a nice matte shade of grey

What’s your favourite food?
They are all my favourite! Food is amazing but I do like fried chicken.

Favourite song?
That’s a tough one. If we are going by the vibe and enjoyability alone. ‘Careless Whisper’ is a classic.

Who are the three people you would most like to go on a night out with?
Another toughie. If we are talking about any person at all. I feel like 3 versions of me from alternate universes would be cool.


Find out more about the Tenderfoot Summer Intensive programme here

Kindly Supported by The Arts Council and South Dublin County Council