Recently, 15 young playwrights from Schools across South Dublin County took up residency in The Civic for Tenderfoot’s Summer Intensive.  This is an exciting new development for Tenderfoot, The Civic’s apprentice theatre programme for transition year students.   We got to know the students involved a little more.  Nex up it’s Kai Foley from Lucan Community College.

How did you get involved with Tenderfoot?
I got involved with tenderfoot when Veronica came to my school in September 2019 and I auditioned to be a writer. I wrote a play from October – December and in January I was on the sound design team for producing the plays that were chosen.

What was it about Tenderfoot that interested you?
I’ve always been very interested in theatre, writing and performing and I had heard very good things about it from the ghosts of Tenderfoot past.

Were you interested in writing before Tenderfoot and if so what sort of things did you write?
I was, and I mostly wrote prose and short stories.

Were you interested in theatre before Tenderfoot?
Yes, I was and still am completely obsessed with musical theatre but now I am much more interested in performing and producing than I was before.

What’s good about theatre?
Everything is good about theatre! Performing in front of an audience, the world-building you get to create on stage, writing scripts, improv, the production, the different elements like lighting and sound etc.

What’s unique about theatre?
Theatre is unique in that you really have the opportunity to connect with the audience live and in real-time.

Tell us about the play or plays that you have written?
My play is called Two Little Boys, it’s a war play about two friends who grow up together and change throughout the course of fighting in WW1.

Do you think you will continue to write after the summer intensive?
Of course! I’m also a part of youth theatre and I do a lot of writing there. (awooo)

What’s your favourite colour?
What’s your favourite food?
Favourite song?
Here comes the sun by The Beatles
Who are the three people you would most like to go on a night out with?
Aidan Gallagher, Batman and Jesus.


Find out more about the Tenderfoot Summer Intensive programme here

Kindly Supported by The Arts Council and South Dublin County Council