Recently, 15 young playwrights from Schools across South Dublin County took up residency in The Civic for Tenderfoot’s Summer Intensive.  This is an exciting new development for Tenderfoot, The Civic’s apprentice theatre programme for transition year students.   We got to know the students involved a little more.  Next up it’s Emily Aasen from Our Lady’s Secondary School.

Were you interested in theatre before Tenderfoot?
Yes, I started speech and drama when I was about 8. I loved the competitions and performance aspect so I thought it would be interesting to see all of the work that happens before the big show
What’s good about theatre?
There’s something very unique about a live performance, you feel more connected to what’s happening. During this programme, I have seen so many different ways that playwrights use space and this amazed me.
Tell me about the play or plays that you have written.
My first piece was based in New York and revolved around the historic Stonewall Riots. I thought it would be interesting to explore LGBTQ+ history compared to the modern day experience. My second play tells the story of 6 individuals in an art lesson. I enjoy art and I thought it would be interesting to use it as a medium for characters to further express themselves.
Do you think you will continue to write after the summer intensive?
Yes, I actually think I will. Maybe not big pieces like plays or novels, poems or short stories are more appealing to me.
What’s your favourite colour?
I love blue, it comes in so many pretty shades but honestly every colour is really nice
What’s your favourite food?
I have to say, I love fruit. Some of my favourites being: Oranges, Honeydew melon and Nectarines
Favourite song?
Exist for Love – AURORA
Who are the three people you would most like to go on a night out with?
Aurora, Freddie Mercury and Oscar Wilde


Find out more about the Tenderfoot Summer Intensive programme here

Kindly Supported by The Arts Council and South Dublin County Council