Dubliner Susannah de Wrixon will be better known to some for her work on stage and screen, and she certainly brings an actor’s instincts to her captivating one-woman show, Susannah with Strings Attached. Tripping lightly through an eclectic set that runs the gamut from jazz to popular, comedy to cabaret and everything in between. She has a jazz musician’s flexibility and timing that make each one of them her own. She is supported by pianist Jim Doherty.

You graduated from the Trinity College acting programme. Was this a good experience?
Trinity College and my time at the Samual Beckett Center was marvellous. It was two very intense years that gave me to tools to deal with a career in the entertainment business. I met some wonderful teachers and students who are friends to this day.

Being a performer can have its highs and lows. What keeps you passionate and motivated about your chosen profession?
I’m twenty years in the business and what keeps me going and inspired are the people who populate the Arts; their spirit and generosity is unbounded. I get inspired by my shows and performances. I love gong to the shows that are brought live into our cinemas, it’s a great way to see whats going on abroad.

You have had quite a varied career as a singer and actor – do you prefer one over the other?
I think my singing career has come more easily to me. It seems to take less effort but my acting work has been hugely rewarding just not as frequent. I would add that if it wasn’t for the singing aspect to my work I may have left the business as it’s so hard to make a living and stay sane!

You used to be part of the comedy trio The Nualas. Was that as fun as it sounds?
My time with The Nualas was one of the happiest and the hardest. Those girls work so hard in all aspects of the business. I learnt so much about comedy and it really informed my own shows. I have huge respect for them and love the fact that they’ve kept the material fresh.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? Any major goals you’re still working towards in your career?
I’ve never been one to set goals for myself. Maybe that shows lack of ambition in some respects but I would love to do some more TV. I’ve had a taste of it this year with a few days on the upcoming “Striking out”. I would love to keep busy on interesting projests, keep healthy and keep loving the work.

Tell us about your show ‘Susannah with Strings Unattached’. How did it come about?
I had worked with the 4TET on another show and thought it would be lovely to marry my jazz work with the classical. Jim Doherty who is without question the finest jazz pianist  in the country and my longtime musical partner was all on for it! So it was a marriage made in heaven. We only get together a few times a year so when we do it’s a fantastic feeling.

SUSANNAGH WITH STRINGS UNATTACHED, Sunday 25th September, 8pm, Civic Theatre Tallaght.
Tickets €18 & €16 concession