Earlier this year, in response to the Covid-19 lockdown, The Civic Theatre embarked on an artistic adventure to reach out and make connections, to make work, at a time when that seemed impossible. Eighteen brave denizens of South County Dublin took part in ‘Songs of Change’. In the course of the project each participant kept a journal, with lists and thoughts and texts that are currently undergoing a process of alchemy to turn them into ten original songs. Watch The Civic Theatre’s online space early next year for news
of their debut. The form of choice for ‘Songs of Change’ was the haiku. Three lines, short/long/short, to capture a moment, a thought, a feeling. After exploration and conversation, distillation. The initial workshop programme for Songs came to an end in late August and to keep the creative juices flowing The Civic laid down an artistic gauntlet.

A Year In Haikus

This Is September….

I love hugs!!! I’ve a friend who would normally greet me with a big hug. We had lunch
recently, not having seen each other for several months. I automatically went in for a
hug, but my friend presented me with an elbow instead.

Walking through Sallins, Co. Kildare, towards Grand canal.

5ft mirror crash after me not heeding hubby’s warning.

Sitting in The Garden….

Doing research for a project I would like to do on the Blasket Island Community.

On the point of selling my parents’ house, my childhood home, after my mam passed

After a busy week on the phone in work, sitting in front of the fire about to have a glass
of red, my notepad was beside me as it constantly is now and these words just came to

Standing in the kitchen in the early afternoon, looking out the window, and noticing that
the signs of two seasons. Autumn colours and a summer sun and maybe because I am
getting older (60 next year), I was keenly aware of how quickly winter will come.

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