In response to the physical closing of its doors, amidst the chaos of Covid-19 induced uncertainty, The Civic made a decision to continue to seek opportunities to create and connect despite the challenging circumstances.
Songs of Change was born.

A participatory art project inspired by this moment of significant change we are currently navigating Songs of Charge sees The Civic’s Associate Artist Veronica Coburn work with a group of 18 citizens from South Dublin County exploring moments of time in our lives when change occurs.  When we are made different.

Songs of Change participants, listed below, all took part in Clamour & Roar – A Citizens’ Chorus, a South Dublin County Council public art commission that culminated in a sung and spoken performance, Ghost Hares, celebrating the people and landscape of South Dublin County in The Civic Theatre.

There are two groups running weekly, one on Monday evenings and one on Saturday afternoons.
We got to know the participants a little better. Next up it’s Una from the Saturday Group!

Tell us a Little Bit About Yourself?
My name is Una Ruddock. I live in Lucan. I am an eternal student.

Tell us about taking part in Ghost Hares?
 Taking part in Ghost Hares was a wonderful experience.

Why did you sign up for Songs of Change?
I signed up for Songs of Change for another wonderful experience, and to stay in touch with a lovely group of people.
Describe The Civic in 1 Sentence?:
The Civic Theatre is inclusive.
Tell us one other thing about yourself that you think we should know ?
I believe in community activism.
Keep an eye out on our website and Social Media for More info on how The Songs of Change Project Develops!