16 February, 2021 //

Songs of Change:January Haikus

Earlier this year, in response to the Covid-19 lockdown, The Civic Theatre embarked on an artistic adventure to reach out and make connections, to make work, at a time when that seemed impossible. Eighteen brave denizens of South County Dublin took part in ‘Songs of Change’. In the course of the project each participant kept a journal, with lists and thoughts and texts that are currently undergoing a process of alchemy to turn them into ten original songs. Watch The Civic Theatre’s online space early next year for news
of their debut. The form of choice for ‘Songs of Change’ was the haiku. Three lines, short/long/short, to capture a moment, a thought, a feeling. After exploration and conversation, distillation. The initial workshop programme for Songs came to an end in late August and to keep the creative juices flowing The Civic laid down an artistic gauntlet.

A Year In Haikus

This Is January….

Poem, Spring, Tiny buds appear Trees begin to wake The cycle of Nature. Anonymous.


Poem, PhD scholarship Ecovillage pilgrimage @ T U Dublin. Una Ruddock.


Poem, Early morning walk in Marley Park, Freezing cold morning The frost covered grass and trees A walk to inspire. Anonymous.


Poem, Tree in the garden Nest in tree and bird in nest No pruning this year. Una Ruddock, Peom 2.


Poem, Lost and Found, A pink woolly hat Left hanging on some railings By a thoughtful soul. Breda Halligan.


Poem, Thinking of my school days on  hearing the announcement that  schools are to remain closed, No school no worries Shrieks of excitement outside Two to hold the rope Skipping rope slapping concrete School can wait another while.Sheila McAdams.


Poem 2,  It's lovely to see  Friends and families out walking  I walk alone  My dearest friend taken  I can't blame you Covid-19. Geraldine McGarry.


Poem, Someone I love has her head shaved due to cancer treatment, early  January 2021, Shaven head adorned By a wig made to measure Know what beauty is It is you inside and out Your smile your love your spirit. McAdams, Poem 2.


Poem, Kate Connaughton.


Poem, haiku longform poem on working , No interaction Whilst I work at home each day Will normal come back? Seems alien. Weird But at least I interact By chatting on Skype There are benefits Though.  A lie in. Cups of tea Mick and Ringo too! Ruth McKenna.


Poem, Mam's lil' sister Ann Was loved by all; young & old New York lost its glow When she died there  of cancer Now Christmas lacks her presence. Laura Fox.



Poem, On making the decision not  to cycle in frosty icy weather , Frosty New Year’s Day After two falls off my bike I LEARNT my Lesson. Orla_Gildea.


Poem, I wake up too warm Throw off covers to cool down. Do hormones not sleep?  Poem 3, Laura Fox.


Poem, Seeing a fox on the green outside  my house during the night, Waking, I look out And I lock eyes with a fox There was this moment.  Poem 3, Orla_Gildea.


Poem, My weekly visit, bringing dinners, to my 91-yr-old dad, "Late again" says dad "There is always some excuse" I felt like a child Unfairly accused & sad Hard to help without a "thanks". Laura Fox


Poem, January, In a rabbit hole And I have been here before I DO NOT LIKE IT It’s cold and it’s distressing I want freedom so I leave, Poem 2, Orla_Gildea.


Poem, Memories of parcels from the States, Cards, gifts & visits From Aunt Betty in New York Were like sparkling gems That brightened our 60's lives And filled us with wonderlust. Laura Fox.


Poem, This haiku for winter garden, Tiny wild snowdrops Daffodils before bloom New season begins. Monika Hyland.


Poem, Good riddance 2020  You left so many devastated and  lonely 2021 who knows? Geraldine McGarry.