Introducing the Cast & Crew of Sleeping Beauty

Sorcha Furlong plays the part of ‘Maleficent’

Sorcha is best known for playing Orla Molloy in the RTÉ soap ‘Fair City’She recently won the prestigious Eva Gore Booth award for Best Actress this year at the Gay Theatre Festival, for her portrayal of Martha in Amanda Brunker’s new play ‘Curiosity’.

Previous credits include ‘Birthright’, as part of The Dublin Fringe Festival 2019, the ‘24 Hour Plays’ at the Abbey Theatre, ‘The Chastitute’ at The Gaiety.  Other credits include the solo pieces ‘Found Near Water’ and ‘Zif 268’ at Smock Alley; ‘W.A.G.’ by Gemma Doorley at The Civic & National Tour; ‘Girl’s Night – The Musical’ at The Tivoli, and ‘Menopause – The Musical,’ at the Gaiety Theatre.

With Smart Blondes Productions, she has produced, co-directed and written several short films including ‘Even Droids Have Friends’ and ‘Princess Rehab’, as well as the award winning ‘I am Jesus.’  A professional singer, Sorcha has appeared at venues nationwide, and is extremely excited to be back singing with her new band ‘Forever Hits’, which she is taking on tour next year, and her first stop is The Civic Theatre this January 13th.

This is Sorcha’s second time playing the “glamorous baddie” with the Civic Panto and as always she is thrilled to be involved.  

See Sorcha star in The Civic Panto, 7 Dec – 8 Jan