This year Romanians in Ireland have many reasons to celebrate, firstly because Romania celebrates 100 years from its proclamation and secondly because Romanian Community of Ireland (RCI), the main organisation for Romanians in Ireland, celebrates 20 years of volunteering for Romanian Community in Ireland, the contribution of the volunteers to the development and progress of the Romanian community into the Irish society.

To mark these important dates, this year RCI has organised a series of cultural events with Romanian artists and performers for Romanian community in Ireland. We spoke with Ana from in advance of the show….

­­­­­­The concert has been arranged by Romanian Community Ireland (RCI), can you tell us about this Organisation?
Romanian Community of Ireland is celebrating 20 years of activity, this year. This community building organisation arose from the needs of mutual help, representation and later on, of integration. Our values are:

  • INTEGRITY– The cornerstone of our Organisation is carrying out our work in an ethic and moral way. We work openly, transparently and sincerely.
  • RESPECT – Politeness and Respect are fundamental values in a Community. We treat the others in the same way we would like to be treated.
  • COMMUNICATION – We believe that a direct, coherent, honest and polite communication is the secret to solving any problem.
  • PARTNERSHIP – We will only be satisfied when Romanians in Ireland will believe in the power of partnership.­­

The concert aims to celebrate Romania’s Centennial, can you tell us about that?
In a similar way to the Irish Centennial celebrated two years ago, Romania celebrates 100 years of statehood. At the end of the Great War, with the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empire, ancient territories inhabited by Romanians  have joined in creating the Great Romania. In a way, the Centennial celebrates overcoming the struggles of the Great War, it’s horrors and loss of human life as well as the efforts of Romanians and the joy when one nation was finally united in one country.

What can our audiences expect?
As we celebrate the great and good Romanian accomplishments in the last 100 years, Nicu Alifantis is a natural choice for this event. He is one of the most accomplished Romanian composers and guitar player that Romania has given. His music, a combination of Romanian folk music and jazz is carrying its listeners through a world of great Romanian poetry and culture. So expect an evening of good music in the company of a well known Romanian music symbol.


Romanian Folk Concert with Nicu Alifantis and Mihai Nenita

Sun 7 Oct