Ready, Steady, SHOW! is The Civic’s ongoing programme of work for children and Young People, across both LIVE and DIGITAL platforms The key focus for RSS! Is PLAY & STORYTELLING with a particular emphasis on supporting artists as they develop new and innovative experiences for babies, children and young people via individual, educational, peer group and family contexts. PLAY & STORYTELLING are the two cornerstones of excellence for Ready, Steady, SHOW!  These are our anchor in all areas of output and a focus for our artist development initiatives.

We are delighted to announce our commissions for both live and digital work.


Freshly Ground – Sióg

Sióg is an immersive exploration of the role of the fairy in Irish folklore and mythology, incorporating augmented reality technology in an innovative blend of live performance and digital elements. The plan for this project is to create a large-scale, outdoor spectacle performance, allowing early years children and their families to be immersed in our historical and contemporary knowledge of fairies. Freshly Ground Theatre plans to work bilingually with artists and mentors in the Irish language, as well as incorporating acoustic and electronic music and sound to create a truly immersive live experience. This project is supported by Creative Ireland and South Dublin County Council’s Engagement with New Technologies Award. During Ready Steady Show!, Freshly Ground will investigate the blending of live and digital technology as well as learning and employing new skills in immersive technology, and engaging with young audiences in new and innovative ways.

Freshly Ground Theatre are so excited to get stuck in to this new project, to investigate its themes of climate, language and ancient folklore and mythology, and to create fun and interesting experiences for early years children and their families to enjoy.

According to Hannah Mullan, creative producer at The Civic. “We are delighted to be working on these brave and innovative projects with these talented makers! I am very much looking forward to seeing how the commissions develop over the coming months. The research and development space offered by RSS! is vital. Working through new ideas in a supportive environment encourages stretch and risk taking. We hope that the RSS! Commissions and Artist Development Program will help our artists to explore new areas of their practise and result in exciting new work with and for our younger audiences”.

Supported by The Arts Council and South Dublin County Council