Aois Nua are a a company of local artists formed by recent graduates of the Civic’s transition year Tenderfoot Programme.

Later this month they will present their new work “Fore-Plays” on 31 Aug & 1 Sep. These are original works, written by four young writers, combining comedy and drama to reveal Aois Nua’s unique perspectives on life. Comprising three short plays and one longer work, the production explores friendships, relationships and even the hatred in between and will make you laugh and even cry through relatable circumstances. The company comprises of 16 young people and we got to know more about them and their interest in theatre here:


Hello! My name Hayleigh and I’m a 19 year old student, studying English and drama in UCD. The reason in why I joined Aois Nua was because of my experience with tenderfoot. For those of you who don’t know, tenderfoot is program for TY students to create a performance, and that’s mainly why I loved it. We had the ability to create a piece which could amaze its spectators. We were able to prove to them, that despite our age, we have the ability to create spectacular pieces. Although tenderfoot may be the main reason in why I chose to do drama in college, theatre itself has played a great impact on my life since a very young age. I’ve attended a variety of different stage schools and youth theatre groups. They have taught me many things and showed me that I don’t have to be just one “thing” for the rest of life. That with theatre, I have the power to be anyone I want to be. Without a doubt, theatre has changed my life and without it, I would still be that shy kid who sits at the back of the classroom, terrified of the world around them.


My name is Shiane Whelan, I am eighteen years old, and I’m from Clondalkin. I have always been the quiet, shy girl. Well, that is, until I got to join Tenderfoot and I became much more confident in myself. Through Tenderfoot I found my love for theatre and acting.Getting to be a member of Aois Nua is honestly the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, it’s where I feel most comfortable and when there, I always feel happy. Theatre has helped me to become the person I am today, and I am forever grateful that I found theatre and that I am lucky enough to be surrounding by the best friends a person could ever have.


My name is Ruth Dempsey, I’m 20 years old and I’m a writer for Aois Nua. I fell in love with theatre when I took a chance and auditioned for the Tenderfoot programme. That decision has changed my life completely and being a part of theatre has helped me grow as a person. Aois Nua has given me the courage to follow my dream of being a writer and I have just finished a Creative Writing course in Inchicore College of Further Education. I also work as an usher in The Civic and it is amazing to be able to see a variety of performances and meet so many talented people. My favourite thing about theatre is how the actors can bring a writer’s words to life and how simple objects can be used to create fantastic worlds without the need for CGI. Most importantly, thanks to Aois Nua and The Civic I have met an amazing group of friends who love theatre as much as I do.


My name is Eoin, I’m 18, and I’m a writer and actor for Aois Nua. I’ve always been a passionate writer, mostly poetry and a few stories but the thought of writing for theatre hadn’t crossed my mind until I participated in the Tenderfoot program. Since then my love for writing has flourished, and I’ve developed an interest in acting as well. The ability for theatre to bring to life something you’ve written or bring a character to life that you’ve created is a privilege and indescribably exciting. Aois Nua is not just a medium for my creativity though, it’s also my second family. The friends I’ve made there will last a lifetime, and while I’ve known some of them for as little as a year, we’ve shared dozens of ideas, hundreds of memories and thousands of laughs together. Because of this I never want to leave theatre, and I don’t think I ever will, It’s my hobby, my passion, my drive and my home.


My name is James O’Brien. I’m 19. I am a writer, actor and current treasurer of Aois Nua. Storytelling is something I love. Whether it’s some made up tale of just some silly thing that happened to me, I love telling the story. I suppose, writing for theatre was a natural step, a way to bring the characters of my stories to life and amuse a greater audience. Aois Nua has been a weird and wonderful experience. I love being out on stage with my friends entertaining others with our signature brand of dark stupidity. If I can make just a few people enjoy the shows, be it cast, crew or the audience, then I’ve done my job.


Hi I’m Graeme Corrigan, I’m 18. I’m an actor and a member of Aois Nua. Acting has always something I’ve been passionate about, either at home as a child playing a character totally different from myself like a soldier, or on stage today as stressed businessman. It’s something that deeply interests me, exploring a made-up character and bringing them to the stage to entertain others, getting reactions from the audience, good or bad, being a hero or villain. Aois Nua has given me the opportunities to be creative and explore new characters.


Hi! My name is Viktorija. I’m 19 years old and originally from Lithuania, but I’ve been living in Ireland since the age of 4. I just did my Leaving Certificate and am looking forward to starting University in the upcoming months! In Transition Year I took part in an apprenticeship theatre programme called ‘Tenderfoot’ here in The Civic, Tallaght. Ever since then my passion for acting has only grown and I’ve become even more interested in different aspects of productions!
I never really thought about becoming an actress, but I knew that my personality was too big to be kept quiet. I decided to stay and audition for ‘Tenderfoot’ so that I could try something new and exciting! It has honestly been a life changing experience and has lead me to where I am now, part of Aois Nua, a self lead youth theatre group, acting and doing what I love! Theatre is definitely a huge part of my life now. Anytime that I step foot inside it I just become myself. It’s a place where I can express myself freely without judgement and be who I want to be. It has become the source of my happiness and I have made life long friends because of it!


I’m Lauren, and I’m 18. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the world of theater and being on stage. From school plays to ballet shows to the Tenderfoot programme here in the Civic, if there was a spotlight, you’d find me in it! For me, acting is a means of exploration- exploring the lives of the characters and their settings. I enjoy getting completely immersed in the world of the shows we create, and becoming a completely different person. Being a member of Aois Nua has really allowed me to thrive as a writer and actor and has also introduced me to some lifelong friends!


Thursday 31st August & Friday 1st September / 8:15pm
Tickets €10