Active Audience Members

Liz Roche Company are looking for a group of between 8 and 12 Active Audience members or dancers to volunteer to take part in one of the works for the performances of 12 Minute Dances, at the Civic from September 21st – 23rd.

The 12 minute piece features a solo dancer and a solo musician who are steered and interrupted by subtle shifts and instructions from outside voices and movers in the audience during the piece.

This is a well rehearsed improvisation!

Please see all information here – 

If interested please email:


Our connection with Liz Roche Company

2017 has seen Liz Roche Company begin a planned three year residency here at the Civic. Being one of Ireland’s foremost exponents of contemporary dance this is a huge honour.

The Civic, Liz Roche Company, Tallaght Community Arts and Dublin Dance Festival have invited local audiences in Tallaght to engage with contemporary dance over a six month period from April to September 2017.

Participants will follow the work of the Liz Roche Company  through a programme of events, workshops, talks and performances that will allow them experience up close how the Company goes about developing, producing and performing existing and new dance work in a variety of performance settings.  This project will be co-ordinated by Jenny McDonald.

There was a fantastic turnout for the introductory event in May which took place in our Loose End Studio.


Photo by Luca Truffarelli