This March, join Ray, International Bubbleologist and Guinness World Record Holder, and help him in his quest to complete the bubble game and make the ultimate bubble in this interactive, fast-paced family show! We had a chat with Ray in advance of the show.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Oldham which is just north of Manchester. Oldham is located in the foothills of the Pennines and, if you think it’s cold in Tallaght in the winter, then you’ve never been north of Manchester where we’d have snow for what seemed like months on end. I also spent about ten years living in Paris and gave that up to come back to Manchester!

Tell us about your interest in performing? How did it come about?
I used to perform as a child until I was a teenager and I loved being on stage and in the limelight. But then I got all shy and shunned acting and performing. I got back into performing when my children’s school asked me to make bubbles at the end of the schools year. Then a couple of charities asked me to do the same as so I got some confidence back. Now you can’t stop me from performing whether it’s in a theatre or at a festival.

Where have you performed before?
I have performed in several countries including France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and, of course, Ireland.

What can Tallaght audiences expect from this show? 
Tallaght audiences can expect a show full of high energy, great music to tap your feet to and the most wonderful bubble tricks imaginable (as well as some you couldn’t have dreamt of). There will be thrills, probably some spills along the way, as well as lots of laughs and groans (my dad jokes haven’t got better with age) and tons of audience participation.

Tell us a random fact about yourself? 

Fun  fact. I love visiting Ireland. I really love visiting Ireland. The people are amongst the friendliest that I’ve ever encountered on all my travels. Strangers just stop you in the street for a chat and then you realise that they aren’t strangers at all, they are friends that you hadn’t met before.
What’s next for you?
I’m touring around the UK and Ireland for three weeks at Easter followed by performing at the Athens Science Festival and then I have some time off because my son is sitting his exams this summer. And then it’s a summer of fun in Ireland working at special needs schools, at festivals and in theatres.