The reviews are in and are fantastic ‘Unmissable’, ‘Powerhouse performance’ , we chatted with Shane who plays Tommo in Private Peaceful, opening at the Civic on Monday 22 May.

Could you tell us a little about your journey into acting, and how it all happened for you?
I was always interested in performing, whether I knew it or not. I used to love playing charades and things that required performace when I was a child and I always remember when everyone wanted to be “Wolverine” or whoever , I always wanted to be the actor portraying him.  Luckily my mother soon caught on to this and put me into drama classes. It was the first time I ever felt like I could actually do something, I was not the most sporty kid and academia never really piqued my interest.  I went from school to school as I got older until it became time where the schooling system forces you to “know what you want to do with the rest of your life” Around 4th year. (how ridiculous).  Luckily for me I knew. I applied for a load of drama schools – and didn’t get into one.  Then I began a college course in film and broadcasting with French in DIT. I continued to audition the following year. I wasn’t happy doing something I didn’t want to do, so unbeknownst to my parents I dropped out of college, sure that I would make it into drama school. Luckily this risk paid off. I was accepted to most of the schools I had applied for and chose The Gaiety School of Acting as I had enjoyed a part-time course I had done there.  Then I worked harder then I ever have and never stopped. Lost of stuff happened, good and bad, and now we are here! Still loving every second of it.

What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?
You are in total control of your life. Whatever you put out, will be returned to you.

What’s your favourite part of the process of acting?
I don’t know if this really is a process, well I know its not but I’m copping out of the question!  The people. Every single person I have met in this industry has inspired me in some way or another. It is incredible the calibre of artists we have in this country and its so exciting to be able to collaborate with them

If you hadn’t been in showbusiness, what would you have done?
Who knows?! I probably would have found myself in this industry in some capacity.  There was a time that I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but then I saw Jaws and that dream went out to sea (Sorry I had to).  Its hard to say though as I don’t really believe in “Plan B’s”

Do you have any dream roles?
None really specifically, I’ve been quite lucky so far with roles such as Tommo right now, Renton in Trainspotting and Hamlet.  I suppose there are a few more in Shakespeare that I want to tick off but honestly my dream role is someone complex and interesting to play.

What do you hope audiences will take away from watching the show?
I just hope people will relate to the beautifully human aspects of this show, and enjoy getting to really know this extraordinary boy, Tommo – I know I have.

What is next for you?
The Dreaded Question!  I am doing a lot with my own company Reality:Check Productions.  I’m currently producing our latest show – the world premier of “The Clancy Kid & Bait” from Colin Barretts’s award winning Young Skins.  Running from 22nd May – 3rd June in The New Theatre (Cheeky Shameless Plug).  I’m also producing our first Night of New Writing with the Dolmen Theatre on the 22nd June.  And We are bringing a bunch of pop up Shakespearean Pop-Up performances to Body & Soul – which I cannot wait for!  A few more things in the pipeline also that I wont mention yet!

And finally, what was the last TV show you binge-watched? How many episodes did you see in a sitting?  Oh God, I cant remember when I’ve last had time to watch TV let alone Binge – I’m boring.  The last time I went out and woke up “Tired and Emotional” – ahem, (again quite some time ago), I’m sure I binged on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I had to have gotten through at least an entire season. It’s a very good show. Totally its own thing and I love it for that.


PRIVATE PEACEFUL, Monday 22nd – Saturday 27th May 8pm