ImageThe Civic chats to Aidan Dooley, the star of one man show ‘Tom Crean – Antarctic Explorer’ about the show and what he loves about it!

How has the tour being going?
I have been doing the show on and off for 11 years now

When did you first perform ‘Tom Crean – Antarctic Explorer’?
I did it at the maritime museum in Greenwich London as an education project.

What places has the show toured to?
New York, Boston, Vermont and Florida in the USA – Australia – Dubai – all over the UK and of course Ireland

Do you still get excited about performing this character and telling his story?
Of Course – it is a wonderful experience to have the audience so engrossed in what you are telling them.

What was the most challenging thing about becoming your character? Why?
I think the hardest part of the character is he was a real person and so I am entrusted by his memory not to be disrespectful. Getting the balance of the humour with the tragedy right in the performance is very importance.

Do you feel any connection between yourself and your character?
Very much so – I feel I am his friend and he mine. He has allowed me this honour and I am so grateful.

What was the hardest part of putting on the show?
Getting theatres in the first place interested in this unknown man. A decade ago no one knew him apart from the people of his home town.

Why do you think audiences love this show so much?
It shows them an ordinary man ( like them ) enduring terrible hardship with a humility and a sense of humour. It shows that man winning out over the awful circumstances and overcoming them. This encourages us all to strive ourselves in our own lives and we find inspiration to that end in Tom Crean’s story.

What can audiences expect from the show?
A really good enjoyable night out in which you will laugh and cry but most importantly you will come away with a ‘feel good’ for yourself and those you love.


‘Tom Crean – Antarctic Explorer’ opens tonight – Monday, 27th January 2014.
Runs until Saturday 1st February @ 8pm
Booking: / 01 4627477