Groove Theory by Irish Baroque Orchestra

Groove Theory by Irish Baroque Orchestra

Groove Theory are preparing for their 5th and final show to take place this Saturday in The Civic.  I was lucky enough to be allowed to attend their rehearsals this week so I could preview the show

The performance will be given by the Irish Baroque Orchestra and conducted by Monica Huggett who is also the soloist.  The Groove Theory piece is a composition written by the Jazz violinist Hollis Taylor who wrote the piece specifically for Monica.  The Irish Baroque Orchestra is made up of mostly string instruments which would have been used in the 17th and 18th centuries.  I spoke to the Orchestra’s director Caroline who told me that these instruments speak much cleaner than classical instruments and the pingy sound of the strings lends itself beautifully to the piece.

Caroline tells me that the performance will incorporate drama and light into the show in a special way and to look out for a surprise at the beginning.  This is the first time the orchestra will perform a jazz inspired piece.  The first half will be the Groove Theory pieces including Trip the Light Fantastic, Blues for Terra Incognita, Quantum Jitterbug and Gravity’s Tango.  The second half will feature a repertoire of gypsy inspired music from Hungary.  These songs are not commonly performed on stage and much like Irish traditional music they are rarely written down so it is a treat for the ears to be able to hear and see them being performed on stage.

Fear not if you think you are not educated enough in music to experience this performance, you don’t have to be!  The pieces are relaxed, easy going and short enough to keep the attention span of children, in fact Caroline recommends bringing the kids along, plus the jazz drummer is enough to make it ‘cool’!

What I witnessed at the rehearsal was an extremely tight and talented bunch of musicians playing music that inspires and excites.  Monica’s solos are powerful and evoking.  There is something about live music that ignites joy into your heart and melody into your soul.  Come along to the performance on Saturday and experience for yourself the drama and revel in the delight of this unique orchestra.

~ by Emma Toner