Dr. Triona Stokes, was invited to present her paper titled “The Dynamic Changes From The Structure Of A Classroom To A Drama Workshop Space – Or Does It? : Exploring Questions Of Agency And Dialogic Exchange Within Arts Facilitation In An Irish School Based Participatory Theatre Project.” at The Arts Society Conference in Krakow this July. The research was originally commissioned by Ready, Steady, SHOW! here at The Civic in spring of 2022 and focused on a partnership between Monkeyshine and St Mark’s N.S. in Tallaght, Dublin.

Monkeyshine is an arts and theatre company with open and collaborative creative exploration fundamental to their artistic practice. The workshop in question was facilitated entirely in role by the artists as The Ministry for All Beings, whereby children were invited to become Agents of Change! The findings of Dr Stokes (Maynooth University) research had already been presented to members of the YPCE community at Ready, Steady, SHOW! SCRATCH Festival in May. 

The Arts in Society Conference in Krakow, organized by the Arts in Society Research Network, serves as a significant event for interdisciplinary discussions on the role of the arts in society. In 2023, Dr. Triona Stokes presented her research on the transformative effects of drama workshops within educational settings. 

Established in 2000, the Arts in Society Research Network offers a platform for critical engagement, examination, and experimentation surrounding the arts. It fosters the development of ideas that connect the arts to their broader contexts, encompassing stages, studios, theaters, classrooms, museums, galleries, streets, and communities.

Attending the Arts in Society Conference provided Dr. Stokes with a valuable opportunity to share the findings of her research with an esteemed international audience of experts. Presenting her paper allowed her to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange ideas with professionals passionate about the arts and their impact on education. By disseminating her findings to an international group of experts, Dr. Stokes actively contributes to the advancement of arts facilitation and its critical role in fostering agency and dialogic exchange and spreading the word about the good work being undertaken at The Civic. 

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