🥸 Dinner with Groucho – The World Premiere by Frank Mc Guinness

Let’s find out more about the Cast and Creative team:

Costume Designer- Joan Bergin

Joan Bergin is an award-winning Costume Designer, best known for her acclaimed work on the television show The Tudors, as well as for working on landmark Irish films such as the My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father and Dancing at Lughnasa.

Joan’s first film credit came in the Oscar-winning Irish drama My Left Foot, directed by Jim Sheridan. She worked with Jim again in the films In The Name of the Father and The Boxer, also working with Pat O’ Connor on 1998’s Dancing at Lughnasa.

She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy award in 2001 for her contributions on the US adaptation of the Charles Dickens tale David Copperfield (which was shot in Dublin)and was nominated for an IFTA award in 2003 for Veronica Guerin. She was nominated for two more IFTA’s in 2004 and 2007 for Laws of Attractions and The Prestige respectively before winning in 2008 and 2009 for the acclaimed television series The Tudors. For her work on 33 episodes of The Tudors from 2007- 2010, Joan won three Primetime Emmy awards in 2007, 2008 and 2010 as well as picking up another IFTA award in 2011.

She has also garnered IFTA nominations for working on the History Channel’s television series Vikings (in 2014) and for Camelot (in 2012). In 2014, she designed the costumes for the UK drama A Little Chaos, directed by Alan Rickman and starring Kate Winslet.

In 2022, Bergin worked on Disenchanted, the sequel to Enchanted starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden.

THE CATCHER WAS A SPY:   2016     PRAGUE  Paul Rudd, Sienna Miller, Guy Pierce  

THE SECRET SCRIPTURE:    2017     INNISHTIGUE Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave,  Eic Banna, Theo James

RIVERDANCE REVAMPED:    2018     The Point, Dublin,  Montreal, Radio City New York.

ALL GODS CREATURES:        2021     DONEGAL.            Paul Mescal, Emily Watson,Sean McGinley.

DISENCHANTED: Nov24/22    22021   ENNISKERRY.      Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Maya Rudolf.


🥸 Dinner with Groucho – The World Premiere by Frank Mc Guinness
An evening of wit, magic, intrigue and fun in the company of Groucho Marx and T.S. Elliot
22 Sept – 1 Oct
Tickets from €15
For 11 performances only, don’t miss your chance to have Dinner With Groucho.
Presented by b*spoke theatre company, in association with The Civic Theatre, Tallaght as part of Dublin Theatre Festival
Dinner with Groucho