We are delighted to welcome Monkeyshine to work with us in 2018 as part of our growing family of Artists in Residence. We are planning a series of workshops, events and shows in partnership with schools, community groups and the public throughout the year. First up and to mark new beginnings and a time of growth in our community we, in collaboration with Tallaght Community Arts and Monkeyshine, present GROW.

This spring Irish theatre company Monkeyshine – described as “theatre warriors for young audiences” by exeuntmagazine.com – are creating a week-long project GROW with the people of Tallaght, exploring the question, “Where is a good place to grow?
Join us on Tuesday 1st May from 11- 1 pm or 2:30- 5pm for a FREE community day: plant a seed, share a story and find out more about the project.

During the week 30 April-4 May, the critically-acclaimed theatre company will be assuming the identities of four lonely intergalactic space travellers, who are travelling the cosmos in search of friendship. They have landed on planet Earth and are amazed at the array of life forms they encounter. They will be exploring Tallaght for five earth days, working closely with eight year olds from local schools as they investigate their new environment and make ‘friends’ with all manner of life forms. They will be planting with the community, creating with local artists, gathering poetry, thoughts and gardening tips and sharing skills from outer space.

At the end of the week on Friday 4 May the space travellers will be at The Civic Tallaght saying goodbye to new friends and beaming their discoveries back home in a live celebration of planet Earth, a place where everything is connected and no species is alone; a treasure of a planet and a wonderful place to grow. This GROW performance, the culmination of the week’s explorations, discussions and creations, will be forty-five minutes of playful fun but also an opportunity for young people to offer their fresh insights into current global, and crucial, conversations about growth and our environment.

Kareen Pennefather of Monkeyshine says, “At the heart of the project is a need to explore our decreasing understanding of our intrinsic links to nature, and our belief that it is of great importance that children and young people are brought into the conversation as equal and important contributors. By taking on these roles of intergalactic space travellers we come with fresh eyes, seeing the amazing gifts of planet Earth and in particular of Tallaght. We are the outsiders and the local children we will be working with are the experts and the holders of local knowledge.”

Monkeyshine are Civic Theatre Company in Residence: Creating Arts Experiences for Families.


The GROW performance
Friday 4 May  11 am Schools/ 4:30pm Public

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Kareen Pennefather – Creator, Writer, Director, Performer

James Jobson –  Creator, Designer, Devisor

Nicholas Kavanagh– Performer, Devisor

Kate Powell – Performer, Composer, Devisor

Michael McNulty – Film Maker, Performer

Michael Cummins  – Lighting Design



The Arts Council, The Civic, Tallaght Community Arts



For over 18 years Monkeyshine Theatre have been creating a beautifully-crafted brand of theatre that is vibrant, ingenious, bold and playful in spirit. 2016 saw the company giving sold-out performances of their works across Ireland. Joint Artistic Directors, Kareen Pennefather and James Jobson have a shared vision for their unique work. “We believe that there is a thread that binds us all together and we aim to make theatre that creates a space for people of all ages to come together as equals, to explore, question and celebrate all that it is to be human,” says Kareen.  James continues, “We make theatre for the whole tribe. So whether you are a child, a parent, a grandparent, or simply a person, Monkeyshine makes theatre for you.” Kareen continues, “This year we have been delving deep into the earth.We have been researching and developing a myriad of new work inspired by the natural world, getting our hands dirty and growing ideas with scientists, international artists and thinkers, gardeners, growers and families. The seeds are planted for some new and exciting shows which you will be able to see in 2018!”