Following on from a sell-out run in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum Weighing-In comes to the Civic Theatre 20 -31 May

Tell us a little bit about yourself…  After working on my first novel for several years I submitted it to Poolbeg Publishers and was delighted when they offered me a three book contract. I worked in film and theatre during the 1980’s and had always wanted to write a play, so, when I completed my three novels I turned to playwriting.

What is your new play ‘Weighing-In about?    It is about two women from very different walks of life who strike up an unlikely relationship when they meet at their local diet clinic. Pam, who has lost four stone, is brimming with confidence and brags endlessly about what a fantastic life she has. Breda can’t shift another pound and is thinking of throwing in the towel when Pam takes her under her wing and power walks her into a new way of life. It takes a comic look at how some women can take dieting and body image far too seriously.

What inspired you to write this play?   I think dieting has become a national obsession and every woman I know has been on a diet at some stage of their life. Some diets are sensible and some diets are downright nuts, but it appears that we’re always ready to try the next fad. Anyone remember the cabbage soup diet? Yuck.

How much of your own life ends up in your characters? It’s hard to avoid bringing some life experiences into my characters and stories but my work is mainly fictional.

What’s the hardest part of writing for you?  The writing is easy, the hardest part is making the time to sit and work without interruptions. I am very easily distracted. I work from home and it can sometimes be very difficult to ignore the fact that there’s washing to be hung out and dinner to be made!

Why should people come and see Weighing-In?   In times like these, it’s important to have a good laugh, and I promise, Weighing-In will bring a smile to your face.

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‘No flab on this weighty drama’ – Evening Herald

Civic Theatre Tallaght

Tuesday, 20th May – Saturday, 31st May 2014 @ 8.15pm
Admission: all tickets €12 

Booking & Info. 01 4627477

Special Bealtaine offer on Wed 21st May & Wednesday, 28th May @ 3pm
all tickets €10

More About Ger Gallagher

In addition to many short stories Ger Gallagher is the author of three novels;  A Life Left Untold, Broken Passions, Shadow Play, (Poolbeg Publishers).  ‘Weighing-In’, was broadcast by RTE radio drama in January 2014. ‘Redemption Song’ a play commissioned by The Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, was performed in January 2014.   Her second play, ‘Worth’ will go into production later this year.