South Dublin County Arts Office is entering a brief research phase to develop a new Arts Strategy and would like to invite members of the public to participate in an online audience survey.

This Audience survey seeks to discover how people within the county engage with their local arts amenities in order to plan for future developments, partnerships and new programming.

What will the new Arts Strategy 2016 – 2020 achieve?
The new Arts Strategy document will describe the priorities for South Dublin County Arts Office over the course of these 5 years.

The Arts Strategy will provide a common ground for all arts service providers in the county. This common ground serves to make partnerships, networks and collaborations more likely, more sustainable and more effective.

Public participation in policy formation is a goal of local government. Public consultation is about communicating, listening and co-operating.

Security & confidentiality
Google Forms don’t retain any email details, so respondents remain completely anonymous and their details will not be stored or shared.