Kíla are bringing their hip-shaking, smile-making, funky, groovy brand of trad to The Civic Tallaght on Friday, 30th April.

Every year Kíla produce something magical, something memorable, something special and 2015 was no different as they brought another creative piece of work to the table.

Suas Síos (Up Down) was released nationwide in Ireland in January of last year. It is a work of beauty, a work of maturity, a work that encapsulates their exuberance, their quietness and their sheer talent.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the ubiquitous Mr. Karl Odlum (Ham Sandwich, Lisa O’Neill, Mic Christopher), the album is bristling with energy, passion and incisive musical intelligence.

The critically acclaimed album has been described as some of the band’s best work, while it has also added to the reputation of the energetic and often electrifying group.

The last couple of years have seen Kíla return to their globetrotting ways (Croatia, Malaysia, France, Spain, Switzerland) and it was during these gigs abroad that these songs and tunes were given an opportunity to breath and gain nuances that might not have emerged ensconced in the studio environment.

Kila have been celebrating the continued success of their recent album Suas Síos, the remarkable film Song of the Sea, which they co-wrote the score for and the most recent news that the music they wrote for the documentary about the Shannon Ireland’s Secret River was nominated for an Emmy award.

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