On Thurs 15th June at 7:30pm Kid V will host one of the most incredible gigs this Summer. The stage will come alive with a brilliant blend of alternative hip-hop, as KiD V, S.t Jaé, Curtisy, and C.O.B. The Dude take over with their electric performances. This is one show that hip-hop fans cannot afford to miss.

Hailing from Tallaght, we had a chat with Kid-V (AKA Victor) in advance of the show:

Can you tell us a bit about you? Where did you grow up?
I went through a lot of racial problems growing up here, from bus drivers, peers, even fully grown adults. Irish folk back then found it hard to accept me as Irish, even though the way I speak and mannerism are similar.

There was always this annoying question I got asked “Where ya from” my answer will forever be Tallaght, obviously because it’s all knew. then they would always reply with “I mean where ya from “, it was very confusing for me as a kid, I knew the answer they were looking for but it always pissed me off.

One thing about where I grew up is everyone lived for football so I connected with many people that way which was great.

Tell us about your interest in music , which artists have influenced you?
My interest in music came from very young; my mother is a tailor and when grow up she had a shop of which I spent a huge amount of time at, I remember my mother having an old school white alarm clock/radio it was always on I swear if there were ever an Irish radio hit trivia show I’d win hands down. My early influences artist wise were Lil Wayne, Eminem, childish gambino and meek millz.

Have you been involved in any productions in The Civic before?
Aside from going’s a few times as a kid for plays, no.

What can Tallaght audiences expect from your upcoming gig?
You can expect chill welcoming vibes, once the performance starts its all energy from me, it will be very interactive and fun.

Tell us a random fact about yourself?
Fun fact I grew up heavily listening to the radio, which is when I heard about some criminal activity in the area, I remember vividly sitting in the car with my mother listening to FM104 and the news was on, the presenter was talking about a shoot in an estate not far from where we lived, when the presenter mentioned the estate it happened in I looked at my Mother and said “..isn’t that near where we live” she was flustered and kind of dodged the question, from then on I knew that Tallaght was not for the faint hearted.(I don’t totally agree with this anymore but that is a whole another discussion). We Agree!

Also, I have a unique ability to sus out a situation accurately and very quickly.
What’s next for you?
More gigs over the summer make sure to follow me on socials insta:@kidv_official Tiktok:@kidv_official
I will be involved In this year’s Irish week music festival.

The atmosphere will be electric as these talented artists take over the stage with their mesmerizing beats and lyrics. And with the addition of an amazing DJ set, the audience will be left in awe. Get ready for an unforgettable night of music, energy, and pure entertainment.

D-Generates Gig
THURS 15 JUN | 7:30pm