As part of our Meet the Makers of ‘I Am Baba’ Series, we got to know the cast and crew a bit more. This time it’s performer Christaine O’Mahoney.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, where you are from ?
I’m from Offaly. I’m a middle child. My family mostly work in healthcare and I’m the odd one out!

Could you tell us a little about your journey into the arts and how it all happened for you?
After i graduated from university (I studied psychology) i decided to follow my heart and train as an actor

Where do you find creative inspiration, have you any particular idols, role models?
Yep loads! I’m especially drawn to self made artists and people who made it later in life. Like sharon Horgan who is a comedy genius. Bridget Christie. Anna Deavere Smith. Joanna Scanlan.

If you hadn’t been in ‘showbusiness’, what would you have done?
I would have been a Neuropsychologist.

What is your role in I am Baba?
I’m a performer.

What do you find most interesting about early-years theatre?
I think working with an ‘untrained’ audience means you get authentic responses. Children will call you out on things. I’ve never worked with children this young before though so it will be exciting to see how it is with them

Do you remember your first visit to the theatre, can you describe it for us?
The panto. Twink and lots of ice cream. 

What was your favourite TV programme as a child?
Strawberry shortcake. I was obsessed. Pink and cake. Two of my favourite things back then!


I AM BABA is commissioned under Exploring and Thinking: A Collaborative Framework for Early Childhood Arts in the Dublin region. Exploring and Thinking is an initiative generated in partnership by Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. It is funded under the Arts Council’s Invitation to Collaboration

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