Arts practitioners from South Dublin gathered at the Civic for a third pow-wow on Creative Ireland’s Pillar One, Enabling the Creative Potential of Every Child. A great conversation was had and we edge closer to defining a potential strategy for the next five years. Great input from all including budding young companies Aois Nua (an off-shoot of The Civic’s Transition Year Theatre Programme) and Freshly Ground Theatre Company.

Michael Barker-Caven, Artistic Director, The Civic, comments: “Really exciting conversation, with everyone fully committed to visioning a process by which in partnership with teachers, funders and local authority bodies, 25,000 under 18 citizens in SDC can finally get their right – the opportunity to express their creative spirit through engagement with the arts. Not only would this enhance wellbeing but it would greatly empower all to flourish in the workplace and throughout their lives. Great times lie ahead for the region.”

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