Following on from the success of last year’s event THE HACKATHON is back! 

Forming part of the Ready Steady SHOW!’s Artists Development Program, all our commissioned artists for 2021 were invited into a workshop with digital mentor Camille Donegan and our special advisor Guillaume Auvray

THE HACKATHON is a day long workshop where participants get to play with cutting edge virtual and augmented reality technology. Wearing Oculus headsets they are given a curated tour through some of the best virtual and immersive experiences available today. 

“Space to stretch thinking around practice, and new ways of storytelling are a crucial part of the ADP.” said Hannah Mullan Creative Producer for Ready Steady SHOW! “Having the opportunity to dip a toe in this new arena is extremely important for the development of the multidisciplinary work of the future. There is huge potential for work to be made which is really integrating live performance with new tech in brave and interesting new ways in ways that represent an authentic experience for our young audiences.”

Ready, Steady, SHOW! is The Civic’s ongoing programme of work for children and Young People, across both LIVE and DIGITAL platforms which will lay the groundwork for a deeper exploration into our understanding of what our audiences needs are and, how we best support access to the arts as we emerge from the current crisis.

The key focus for RSS! is, PLAY & STORYTELLING. These two cornerstones of excellence are our anchor in all areas of output and a focus for our artist development initiatives.

See below for our Ready, Steady, SHOW! artists for 2021 :