Camille Lucy Ross is a performer, Co- writer and Artistic Director of Brazen Tales. Camille is fresh from LA’s iO West Improv school (where alumni include Amy Poehler & Tina Fey.) Camille is a theatre and Television actor- her work includes a range of comedy for RTE- including Republic of Telly, Bridget & Eamon & Callan’s Kicks (in which she plays Fionnuala Kenny,among others!). In Theatre, Camille has worked for Rough Magic, The Gate, Collapsing Horse Theatre & Red Bear productions among many more. She has won several awards for her theatre work as a Performer & writer. She is also a graduate of the Gaiety School of Acting & University College Dublin.

We chatted with Camille in advance of her play Big Bobby Little Bobby here at the Civic 8 – 11 Feb. This Award-Winning, critically acclaimed play has played successful
runs at Brighton Fringe 2016, First Fortnight festival 2016 & Dublin Fringe 2015. Winner of the First Fortnight Award Best Performer & The Little Gem Award Nominee @ Tiger Dublin Fringe.

Could you tell us a little about your journey into acting, and how it all happened for you?

I did my first acting classes in Bray (my home town) at Dry Rain Theatre- where I played Puck in a simplified version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream! (I was about 11). At around 17 I took a week long course at Stagewise/Gormonstown where I realised it wasn’t just a hobby and I was hooked! Later I studied full time at the Gaiety school of acting and I’ve been working in Theatre & TV for around 7 years and making my own work for the past 2/3! It happened with a good dollop of determination and following the fun!

What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

I wish people had told me how nice everyone is! Everyone likes to tell you how hard it is but we all know it’s difficult. I was surprised to find people in this industry incredibly kind, fun and interesting and the more successful they are the nicer! I’d tell actors starting out that if someone isn’t nice and respectful to you in an audition- they probably don’t know what they’re doing and you probably shouldn’t work with them!

What’s your favourite part of the process of acting?

Probably that point where you’ve got a good handle on the script in rehearsal and you’re relaxed enough to find something new and you start to surprise yourself. Usually when I’m giddy in rehearsal is when I do my best because I’m not over-thinking, I’m figuring it out physically or intuitively. If you hadn’t been an actor, what would you have done? I did want to go to art college for a good while and I still draw and paint sometimes. I would also like to run a small, specially- selected zoo-farm and guest house.

Can you tell us about Big Bobby, Little Bobby?

Sure! We call it a twisted, tender comedy- because it really is both of those things! It’s about a young woman struggling with her demons, trying to break away from her dysfunctional and codependent mother while also attempting an awkward romance with the farmer next door. It’s tone is an odd mix of creepy, sweet and funny!

What do you hope audiences will take away from watching the play?

So far we’ve had a really nice range of reactions- some people laugh from start to finish, others find it quite dark and uncomfortable, most people feel a mixture of emotions and generally they say they really relate to Bobby’s story. We’re delighted that it’s sparked a lot of conversation about mental health and that it can be entertaining at the same time.

What is next for you?

I have a couple of writing/acting projects I’m at various stages with, one is a collaboration on a sitcom and the other is the early stages of a new play.

Do you have any Dream Roles?

Martha (Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf).
A lot of Enda Walsh characters!

And finally, what was the last TV show you binge-watched? How many episodes did you see in a sitting?

Stranger Things and Grace & Frankie. (5/6 in one sitting…maybe I should get more!)

BIG BOBBY LITTLE BOBBY, Wednesday 8th – Saturday 10th – February 8pm