ANDREW FLYNN of Galway-based Decadent Theatre Company is bringing DBC Pierre’s play, Vernon God Little, to The Civic as s part of a national tour.

Could you tell us a little about your journey into directing, and how it all happened for you?
Like a lot of people the love for theatre came as a child doing school plays. This love really developed when in secondary school and coming in contact with an inspirational English teacher, Jim Minogue. Jim really inspired me at during this period I was think acting was the discipline I wanted. I did several play’s/ Musical in school, joined the local amateur groups and when I as 17 decided to start a youth theatre in Nenagh. I kind of fell into directing as there was no one else to do it for that group and I found that I loved it. I was also a better director than an actor. Then came lot’s of directing with Dramsoc in college. On seeing a druid production of The Black Pigs Dyke in the school hall in 1992, I knew I had to try and work in Theatre. I haunted druid, got an internship, worked hard and eventually became the assistant director to Garry Hynes. It was from there that becoming a professional director in theatre became possible.

What’s your favourite part of the process of directing?
I really love the pre-production, the collaborative process of making the show. Working with the actors and the design team to try breath life into the words and vision that the writer had provided.

How did the Decadent Theatre production of ‘Vernon God Little’ come about?
I had read the book 12 years ago and I really loved it. When I then read the the stage adaptation I felt the books wonderful characters and crazy plot lines held a great dramatic and really worked on stage. The play offered a large canvas to work on, and when we offered the idea to the 17 venues we are touring to they all responded with enthusiasm as did the arts council and so the application was successful.

What do you look for in an actor you’re considering casting in one of your plays?
That’s a good question? I guess you work off instinct. When you meet an actor you are looking for them to do something with the character, to make a choice, to bring something to the table. They all may do that but it’s the one who does something that is different but suitable to the role that will stand out.

What are some of the surprises or challenges that have arisen in directing ‘Vernon God Little’, if any?
This was a big and costly production with having 13 people on tour including a live band so I guess the development time was tight for such a big show and one with so many elements. We were also constantly working on the crossover between the play script and the novel and this added the to the pressure

What do you hope audiences will take away from watching it?
I feel that the play is fun…the live music is infectious and there is a lot of joy in the characters and relationships. I hope that people leave the theatre smiling and perhaps uploading some Johhny Cash or Willie Nelson to their music collection

After this production has finished touring, what’s next for Decadent Theatre?
We are currently working on developing some new work and hope to tour a production of The Dead School by Pat McCabe in early 2016.

And finally….what was the last TV show you binge-watched? How many episodes did you see in a sitting?
I recently watched House of Cards and I loved it. I think the script and acting was superb, I think I watched 4 episodes one after the other.

Vernon God Little comes to at The Civic on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd October 2015 for 2 nights only. Tickets are €20 & €18 concession and are on sale from our box office – 01 4627477 or online here.