Ready, Steady, SHOW! is The Civic’s ongoing programme of work for children and Young People, across both LIVE and DIGITAL platforms which will lay the groundwork for a deeper exploration into our understanding of what our audiences needs are and, how we best support access to the arts as we emerge from the current crisis. The key focus for RSS! is, PLAY & STORYTELLING. These two cornerstones of excellence are our anchor in all areas of output and a focus for our artist development initiatives.

Beginning in May and running for the remainder of the year, we will create content for Children with PMLD,  Early Years, Ages 7-9 and 9-11  and 13+

This mix of content will be available for both the general public and our schools audience. The content for schools will be an opportunity to rekindle relationships after a year of  reduced activity with a view to more consistent/ strategic engagement in 2022. The broad aim is to use this programme as a “test menu” to see what kinds of activities the schools and learning communities are interested in.

More info an artists involved and specific programmes of work will be announced soon.