This Spring, as part of Ready, Steady, SHOW! here at The Civic we are hosting workshops with Sacred Heart National School in Tallaght. The project entitled ‘A Letter to my Irish Friend’ is being developed with collaborators: Goran Zelik and Gea Gojak.

This series of workshops using Goran Zelik’s personal story who, as a child,  experienced the war in Croatia,  during which he received a life changing letter from an Irish child as a part of humanitarian aid.

The workshops which will run 13th- 17th March, explore an unpack themes such as conflict, displacement, and home. 

The children will help generate material for the show. Together with the artists they will unpack what is of interest to them and shape and inform the way the story is told. 

Gae, Goran and team will be back in April to build on the material they have made together which will then be presented as part of a  work in progress showing of the piece as part of SCRATCH ‘23, here at The Civic in May.

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Ready, Steady, SHOW! is kindly supported by Arts Council Ireland.

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