Rebecca O’ Connor plays the Civic this Wednesday with her hugely entertaining tribute to Tina Turner. We had a chat with Rebecca in advance of the show.
Hi everybody I’m Rebecca O’Connor Simply the Best as TINA TURNER ..

Can you tell us a bit about where you are from and your Background?
I was born in Ireland and come from an Irish and Jamaican background. I was very fortunate to be adopted at 2months old by my BEAUTIFUL Irish parents Anne and Michael O’Connor. I was raised in Cobh,Co. Cork where my 3 other adopted siblings and myself had THE BEST upbringing with the THE BEST parents.

Where does your Interest in music come from?
From a very young age my father introduced me to Tina Turners Music. When I first saw her a volcano erupted inside of me and I knew I wanted to be a dancer singer and entertainer performer from that moment on! I remember back combing my Afro and wearing my mother’s high heels and makeup and I absolutely loved anything that sparkled. In my eyes Tina had it all and I’m lucky enough to have followed through with my dream of becoming an entertainer starting in my first band at the ripe age of 17yrs. Now the former manager of Fleetwood Mac is my manager so my career is sky rocketing now. I’ve got to pinch myself at times.

Why Tina?
I LOVE EVERYTHING about Tina Turner. TINA is a soul that shines bright in every way.
Beyond the Thunderdome is my favorite song to perform live. It’s POWERFUL and means a lot to me. Every time I sing it … it makes me feel Good. I have never met Tina. I’ve dedicated my whole life to performing because I love what I do. My one and only wish is to meet TINA. I need to meet her. I feel my life is not whole until I meet her. It was overwhelming when Tina said “Rebecca is so good it’s SCARY” I know keeping Tina music alive is a very hard act to follow! Every performance needs to be my best ! If it’s not my best I will not do the Queen of Rock and Roll justice. It’s a full time job which I dedicate to the ICONIC LEGEND I’m still pinching myself after her endorsement.Tell us about your Success in Showbiz?
I do believe that we should all dream big and believe in ourselves . Not everybody will like what you do but you got to believe in yourself and take the knocks with the good times. It’s not always easy ! Love what you do and believe in the dream. Perseverance, constant practice, love what you do and surround yourself with good people .
When the going gets tough … pick yourself up and enjoy the ride. Live the Dream and own your own life. Stick at it through the bad times as that’s where the real success lies !Dreams do come true!

What have been you stand-out experiences?
I’ve been lucky enough to perform at major events around the world . Performing in Dubai for the Rugby 7s in the center of the Stadium singing Simply the Best to over 40, 000 was awesome and then went live on TV in front of 250,000 viewers was even better! I’ve also performed for the famous Murdoch Family and must say that was an experience especially being such an intimate show I got to party with them all!Recently I performed for the famous brain surgeon Charlie Teo and he sang Simply the best with me on stage . That was an absolute honour. Such a wonderful man who has saved so many lives. I’ve done a lot of shows and private parties for the NRL and got to meet many super Rugby players. I do enjoy those events I must say. They can be very easy on the eye 😂.
When Mick Fleetwood came to my show was definitely a highlight in my career and a bonus meeting Fleetwood Mac and dining with them all !
I’ve also been on the same bill as many Eighties Stars including Kym Wilde , Tony Hadley , KC and the Sunshine Band, Go West, Belinda Carlisle, ABC, Cutting Crew , Boney M , Spandau Ballet and many more Artists which was a bit surreal as I grew up with their music and chatting with them all on a one to one was fantastic. Life can be a rollercoaster in this business as the highs are extreme and the sense of normality can become a low at times . One minute I’m flown into events by the rich and famous on private jets staying in 5 star plus hotels etc and next minute I’m playing in Opera Houses and then it’s back to reality playing at hotels and staying in motels… and then again back to performing on private Islands for private parties on private yachts. An eye opener I must say :). So basically I’ve got to stay grounded and just enjoy the ride and be thankful perks and my career.

What career would you choose, other than Performing?
If I didn’t persue my career as a performer I would definitely be a full time massage therapist , healer , reiki practitioner as that is what I’ve studied and have many diplomas in that industry. I like helping people and making people feel good and better about themselves be it through performing through my hands or performing through my voice.

What can Tallaght audiences expect?
The Show I’m bringing to the Civic is full of ENERGY. I must say that my band, my dancers and my whole team are the BEST!
Having such a good team around me makes the Show jump and people LOVE IT!
I also do not do the Show in the first person. I’m Rebecca and I sing Tina’s songs but I am NOT Tina. I will never be Tina ! What I do is keep Tina Turners music ALIVE! In doing so … I’m fortunate enough to have a nice following now which I’m very humbled and greatful for !! My band and myself are so excited coming to Tallaght.
CAN’T WAIT to perform for the very first time at the Civic in Tallaght … It is going to be SENSATIONAL ! Must say you can’t beat an Irish audience!

Rebecca O’Connor- Simply the Best as Tine Turner
Wednesday 22nd May, 8pm
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