Support our Artists: Corina Ignat

The Civic is giving grants to people across the cultural sector who have lost work due to the Covid-19 crisis – you can make a donation to the Artist Emergency Relief Fund here. 

In the coming days, the recipients of Artist Emergency Relief Fund grants will explain, in their own words, what they do and exactly why the grant scheme offers essential support for the nation’s artists.

Today, meet opera singer Corina Ignat

My name is Corina Ignat and I am a freelance opera singer based in Dublin.

Recently I have started getting cancellations of projects due to Covid19. First, it started with INO’s production of Carmen production and now I have received news from the Glyndebourne Opera Festival, which was supposed to start at the end of this month and go on until the end of the summer, that it has been postponed until July, so I will be completely out of work until then.

Civic Theatre has been so kind to start this fund for freelance artists to support them through this tough time. I have been lucky enough to receive a compensation award which is such great support during this unforeseen period. Civic Theatre is doing the best they can to help artists in need but they need a lot of help and support from people that are able to offer it.

We all feel a bit powerless at the moment because we aren’t able to work from home, and there is only so much artistic companies can do for us as they themselves are under strain.

This award means a lot to me because it makes me see that artists are being acknowledged and that they are not going alone through this.

Find out more about the Artist Emergency Relief Fund here.

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