i am baba

Help us in the creation of a new theatre show – especially for babies!

Anna Newell (www.annanewell.co.uk) is a theatre director who makes shows for babies.   She works with composer David Goodall and shows that they have made together for babies have been seen off-Broadway and in South Africa as well as all over Ireland and the UK.  www.annanewell.co.uk/babies will take you to videos of the babyshows that they’ve made before.

They are making a new show called I AM BABA for the four Dublin Local Authority areas this year – and it may very well be the first ever babyshow made in Dublin!

Whenever they make a babyshow, they invite babies and their adult guest into rehearsals to be their creative consultants.

We would love your involvement to make this happen!

The first week of making the show is happening in South Dublin and they are looking for babies (aged 0-12 months) to help them find out what should be in this brand new show!